Who We Are?

ProCollab was founded in 2019 as a social business with a clear aim of helping young and mid-career professionals enhance their career prospects and grow professionally through mentoring. Today our network spans more than 2000 ambitious professionals who connect online for tailored conversations around 1:1 advice and learning & development opportunities. Our extensive network of friendly and trusted mentors span all industries.

Our Vision

ProCollab was founded based on the belief that every professional experience counts and that one individual’s insight can help transform the trajectory of that of another when shared in the right context and with the right person. We think that today’s market lacks an inclusive professional platform that makes it easy to connect with a professional ‘who’s been there’ and through ProCollab’s network of mentors we aim to foster collaboration, opportunities and mutual growth. As a business we believe in the value of experience and insight from professionals at different seniority levels and across different industries and its potential to transform the lives of those looking for a change or a step up in their working life. Whether you’re struggling to enter a given industry, are looking for a new direction or are looking to enhance your skills and insight, we value the power mentoring and its ability to fast-track your professional development.

All our mentees and mentors are fully verified