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Our mentors have a background and experience from a range of companies including:



You can conduct different types of mentoring sessions depending on your preference including:

Sharing your experience, lessons and tips with a new entrant or young professional.

Conducting a mock interview or helping a young professional learn how to best market themselves in the industry.

Helping a graduate,career changer or new entrant optimise their CV to make it relevant to your industry.

Conducting an online training session or sharing about best practice and methodologies.

Helping a  young professional with a tailored query.


ProCollab welcomes new mentors in our network who value the act of giving back as well as networking and collaborating with like-minded professionals. Registering with us as a mentor carries no cost or long-term obligation and you can accept or decline an incoming mentorship opportunity at you discretion. All the sessions are conducted online via a google meet video or audio session and at a time that's convenient for you.


Taking part is easy and only takes a few simple steps!

  • How to join as a mentor

    You’ve either come across our website and would like to share your experience with others.


    You’ve responded to a personal LinkedIn or email invitation from ProCollab.

  • Step 1

    Register with us by completing the sign up form and specifying what kind of mentoring you would like to offer .

  • Step 2

    Setting your fees is entirely up to you and at your discretion.

    You can share for free, set a fee or even donate it to charity.Most of our mentors offer free mentorship to recent graduates who are within 1 year of post graduation and then may set an hourly fee for everyone else. During the sign up process you can specify what sort of fee arrangement suits you best and this can differ by session type.

  • Step 3

    A member of the team will contact you to verify and confirm your registration. Your profile will then be listed and you can start accepting or declining different mentoring opportunities. You’ll also be paid for those that you’ve specified payment for but most importantly you can begin making a huge difference to a professional’s life!

Still have questions? Read our frequently asked questions below.

Don't hesitate to contact us by email  if you have a question not covered below.

Mentoring with ProCollab is free of charge and we do not require any payment from you to register as a verified ProCollab mentor within our network.

We do take 20% from the chargeable fee you would have set for your session to cover our operations. This means that once a session has been conducted we would pay you 80% of what the mentee pays per hour and you would receive this within 7 working days via Paypal.

This would not apply to any free sessions that you would conduct.

As an inclusive platform one of our aims is to make mentoring and training affordable and accessible.  We identify as a social venture because we believe in making a difference to work and employment outcomes. Most of the mentors signed up to our network have this same desire to make a difference. We therefore ask that fees are set with this in mind. We don’t dictate or limit any fee arrangements this is all entirely at your discretion as a mentor but we ask you set it with the end user in mind. Most of our mentors offer free mentorship to recent graduates. They then tend to set a fee for everyone else and this could differ by session type.

Please see the example below:

Graduate Mentoring- Free

New Entrant Advice £10-15/hour

Application advice and mock interview- £15-20/hour

Career Progression and advancing £15-25/hour

Python, Tableau, PoweBi, SQl and Excel training- £15-25/hour

Confidence and leadership coaching £15-25/hour


As part of the registration process we ask that you include a few lines about yourself and your professional profile. Please try to be as detailed and specific as you can – this will help ensure you get the most  appropriate mentee matches. Tell us a little about your background, including education, professional experience and what kind of mentoring sessions you would like to conduct. Finally you will need to provide information about how you would like to set up your fee arrangement for the different sessions. As mentioned this could be free for recent graduates with a fee set for everyone else. You can even set up different fees for different sessions.

We believe everyone regardless of qualifications or the number years of experience has something to share that may be relevant to others. We do not require any formal qualifications. Our  mentors have included junior mentors sharing their experience with university students to very senior managers and execs sharing their knowledge with other professionals.

Once the session has been conducted you will receive payment through Paypal within 7 working days.

As much or as little as you can give. Though we may approach you about relevant mentoring opportunities you will always have the option to accept or decline an incoming mentoring opportunity.

It involves sharing your experience online with other professionals . This is usually online via video call or phone dial if that’s your preference. During the sign up process you’ll have the opportunity to specify what kind of sessions you would prefer to conduct. This could range from an a conversation with a professional to an online training.

You can either become a mentor through a personal invitation or you can sign up online and someone from the team will get back to you

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