Support the employability and professional development of young- and mid-level professionals

Turn to ProCollab for your staff's mentoring & training needs

Tap into a professional community of highly motivated, well-educated candidates

Advertise permanent roles on our job board or receive tailored recruitment support

Find an intern to support your team among our recent graduates or career changers

Book a ProCollab trainer to enhance learning & development in your team

Receive tailored admin & search support from ProCollab at competitive prices

Advertise part-time voluntary opportunities at no cost

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Book a call with us and learn more about how ProCollab can help solve your staffing & training needs at competitive prices

We partner with charities, start-ups, tech firms and other dynamic SMEs who're conscious of facilitating and enhancing professional development for young and mid-level professionals. Through our community of 2k+ members we can help solve your staffing and recruitment needs and offer tailored solutions for your learning & development needs through our network of industry mentors & trainers.

Different ways we can work with you

Solve your talent acquisition needs

Get matched with talented candidates to help fill short-term vacancies in your team (typically 2-6 months duration). ProCollab can help source relevant profiles within our network to solve your recruitment needs through tailored advertising and dedicated head hunting. Typically candidates are current students enrolled at university, recent graduates who are looking to gain initial work experience or experienced professionals who are in the process of changing careers. We partner with businesses who are equally committed to providing learning & development opportunities for candidates and offer solutions for most industries.
Permanent hires - experienced professionals
ProCollab can help you fill vacancies for experienced hires (typically holding between 3-6 years of industry experience). Regardless of whether you are looking for a generalist in business management, a specialist language- and/or subject-matter expert, a new app developer on your team or something in a related field, ProCollab can help. We offer targeted advertisement to relevant community members as well as tailored head hunting services for relevant profiles at rates that are affordable to most SMEs.
Permanent hires - graduates
Tap into a large network of recent graduates from some of the most recognised universities across Europe. Graduates from the ProCollab network are motivated, highly skilled candidates who can help you fill vacancies across business & marketing, operations & data, research & analysis, finance & economics and IT development & engineering. Most graduates have gained initial work experience through internships and/or retail work whilst studying and will have further enhanced their employability through contact with ProCollab mentors.
Different ways we can work with you

Solve your talent development needs

Show your junior- and mid-level staff you are serious about professional development and gain a competitive edge. ProCollab offers tailored development packages to businesses who wish to tap into our growing network of expert industry mentors who are able to mentor and advise your employees - either on a one-off basis or for ongoing coaching.
ProCollab offers specific training packages to businesses who are serious about the learning & development needs of their staff. We can organise tailored subject-matter training courses facilitated by our expert trainers who work across most industries. ProCollab offers competitive pricing and can help ensure your L&D budget is spent in the best way possible.

Book a call with the ProCollab team to talk us through your requirements and learn more about how we work with other businesses. Based on your requirements we’ll put together a tailored package for your organisation.

ProCollab is a professional development network which facilitates mentoring & training services to individuals as well as directly to businesses who wish to enhance their talent development programmes. Our mentors and trainers are experienced industry professionals who currently work for some of the world’s most impressive organisations. All profiles are fully vetted and have significant experience in mentoring, training and/or public speaking. Our mentors come from all industries and work for SMEs, corporates and the public sector.

As a social business we aim to offer rates that are affordable to most SMEs and which are significantly below the rates of established recruitment firms. Depending on your specific role requirements, the seniority of the profile you’re looking for and whether you wish to advertise on our job board and/or request tailored headhunting we will present you with an offer after an initial intro call.

ProCollab is a social business which means our team is not target-driven. Upon partnering with us our team will host an intro call to fully understand your needs and requirements. Based on this we will source an appropriate number of suitable candidates within our network who match your criteria. Throughout the process we will regularly keep you updated and collect any feedback. ProCollab’s network comprises thousands of talented graduates from some of Europe’s top universities as well as experienced professionals with impressive backgrounds. By partnering with us you can ensure we’re committed to ensuring the long-term success of your team by helping you expand your staff with talented, motivated candidates (many who’ve undergone professional development programmes with ProCollab in partnership with industry).

We cover business management & marketing, data & operations, IT & engineering, economics & finance, politics & international affairs and all other industries on an a case-by-case basis.

ProCollab is a professional development network aiming to improve the employability and general professional development of junior- and mid-level professionals. One of the ways in which we do this is through partnerships with dynamic, innovative businesses who’re equally committed to providing career development opportunities for our target audience. As such we’re not a recruitment firm.

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