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As a social venture aiming to make a difference our motto is people first. We are dedicated to developing today's talent by increasing access to opportunities and empowering professionals in their journey all the while shaping tomorrow's  leaders and workforce.

We partner with like minded companies irregardless of sector or industry who want to play a role in innovating the workforce and developing talent.

There's many ways your company can partner with us and we welcome conversations from interested parties.



Different ways to get involved and partner with us



Recruitment Needs- How we can help you?

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You can partner with us by considering our very talented graduates and professionals for your recruitment needs. ProCollab has a huge network of talent comprising of thousands of proactive and eager young professionals most of whom have undergone mentoring and professional development training and are therefore able to approach your  roles with maturity and innovation.

If you're recruiting for a role why not get in touch so we can provide a selection of our candidates who are all ready to undertake a challenge.



Micro Internships- Short term project work

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You can also partner with us by utilising our ProCollab professionals for short term project work or micro internships. This is is great way to utilise our talented professionals for a few hours a week for a specific duration so they can complete a project or task. Micro internships are a perfect way to get outcome based work completed, give a young professional work experience as well trial candidates for future roles to find the best fit for your organisation. Your micro internship or project can be as short as 10 hours in duration and you would pay ProCollab a set fee for the internship/project the majority of which would go to the intern. As this would be categorised as a micro internship the candidate would not be your employee but should you decide to hire them following the project or micro internship ProCollab would not charge you a fee.



Volunteering roles-Work Shadowing

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Most of our ProCollab talent is eager to gain work experience and volunteer particularly in these challenging times. Your organisation can get involved by giving a ProCollab professional work experience for a short duration. With everyone working remotely this is a perfect time to enable a professional to gain insight and experience and you may even discover a future hire.  Volunteers would need to be paid lunch expenses and travel expenses as mandated by the government and these should be very short in duration as they are about professionals gaining insight rather than doing project work. If you have Project work requirements please see the section on micro internships.



Offer Mentoring or Training- Professional Development Perk

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We also have a huge selection of senior mentors within our database so why not offer mentoring or 1:1 training to your employees. The benefit of ProCollab mentoring vs in house schemes is that mentees can have honest conversations that will encourage growth and development without the natural fear of being too frank about weaknesses to potential managers or future managers within the organisation.

By speaking to a ProCollab mentor your employees can learn new perspectives and best practice outside of the organisation,develop new skills and have increased job satisfaction from working for a company that values their growth and development.

You can get involved by allowing your employees to utilise their training budget to get 1:1 training on a skill or to have 1:1 conversation with a mentor. With the world going virtual it's important to ensure that your employees are growing and developing.



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