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Book 1:1 calls with mentors from industry who can advise on your professional development

Whether you’re looking for industry insight, job search advice & interview coaching or are interested in launching a business, you’ll benefit from from connecting with a ProCollab mentor. Our mentors have experience from some of the world’s most recognised organisations and offer one-off conversations as well as ongoing coaching.

Find a mentor or trainer through ProCollab

Regardless of whether you're a recent graduate hoping to enter a specific profession, a young professional wishing to develop your skills and progress or a mid-level professional hoping to switch paths, connecting with a ProCollab mentor or trainer can offer new insight, actionable steps towards change, enhanced learning opportunities and a new perspective on your professional development. We're proud to work with more than 200 vetted mentors and trainers from all industries - self-employed, working for SMEs & start-ups, corporates and public organisations.

Our mentors and trainers have worked for some of the world's most recognised organisations

Booking and joining a session

ProCollab is committed to ensuring that we match you with the best possible mentor or trainer based on your specific requirements. Depending on your desired outcomes, we'll work with you to organise a tailored coaching programme or simply a one-off call with a mentor or trainer. Most mentors offer free one-off calls with recent graduates and charge a small fee for other audiences and more in-depth mentoring and training. To cover our operating costs, ProCollab charges a fixed admin fee of £5/session. All sessions take place online via Google Meets.

Follow these 3 easy steps to get started

  • Step 1

    Create a free mentee account here, inserting your details alongside a brief bio. The more detailed you are, the better the chance of matching you with a suitable mentor or trainer.

  • Step 2

    Upon sign up we’ll grant you access to the members’ area. Here you can request access to a mentor, simply by filling out the designated form.

  • Step 3

    Await a selection of up to 3 mentor or trainer profiles from ProCollab. Upon confirmation of your desired profile(s), we’ll book you in for your first session.

Questions or queries? Email us @ We look forward to welcoming you to ProCollab!


Absolutely. Please specify your requirements and support needs upon sign up and we’ll work with you to identify a suitable trainer in our network.

Yes. Feeling demotivated and/or unsure about the path you’re on is common and something a high percentage of today’s workforce experience. ProCollab can connect you with a mentor who’s reinvented their career and/or switched paths. They’ll work with you to define your strengths, interests and core skills you’ve developed in your career to date and help you determine whether you may need to make adjustments in your existing career to feel more motivated or if a radical career change is what is most desirable to you. A mentor will be able to offer guidance and/or execution of any retraining you may need, tips & tricks on how to stand out when applying for roles in a new industry and, if relevant, advice on open roles in the industry.

ProCollab can connect you with a mentor in your industry who can help you identify where your strengths lie and where there might be unseen opportunities available that you aren’t currently taking advantage of. A mentor can help you build your confidence, improve your communication skills and tap into new projects and opportunities. It might also be relevant for you to improve and/or pick up a new skill and a mentor can help you train for that.

Absolutely. We offer a free CV review to all recent graduates by our internal team of experienced career advisers. Additionally, we can connect you with a mentor who can help review your profile and offer guidance on specific career paths and open roles that will be of relevance to you. They may also be able to guide you on relevant training and/or connect you with industry contacts. Most mentors are happy to offer one-off general mentoring sessions for free (30 minute conversations).

All mentors in ProCollab’s network are fully verified, experienced professionals who’re actively working in industries as diverse as business and finance through to social care and the creative industries. What unites them is their shared desire to give back and offer tailored guidance and training to young and mid-career professionals to help them succeed and achieve a higher degree of happiness in their professional lives. They possess deep industry and/or functional knowledge and have experienced many of the same things in their career as our mentees are experiencing right now. Upon joining ProCollab all mentors are offered full guidance on how to conduct a mentoring session and how to ensure the objectives of their mentee’s are met. We ensure that mentors admitted to the network are qualified to offer guidance across multiple sectors and on matters as diverse CV reviews & job search through to building confidence and motivation, offer training in a specific field etc. Upon completion of a mentoring session we always collect feedback to ensure a high standard of quality.

Upon submitting a mentorship request in the members’ area, a member of ProCollab’s team will reach out to confirm your requirements. The more specific and detailed you are about your background, interests and what you need help with, the higher the likelihood we are able to match you with the right mentor or trainer. Upon confirming your requirements, we will make your request visible to all relevant mentors in ProCollab’s network and shortlist interested profiles. ProCollab will share up to 3 relevant mentor profiles with you. Once you’ve confirmed your choice of profile and paid for your session(s) we’ll book you in for your first call. Yes, it’s that easy!

ProCollab’s network spans a wide range of mentors with vastly different experience and knowledge. Depending on your situation, some mentors are happy to conduct a one-off session if you’re looking for general advice. For example, most mentors are happy to offer short, one-off sessions to recent graduates free of charge. If you’re looking for more specialised advice, training and/or ongoing support, mentors are likely to charge you a small fee. Mentoring is a rewarding experience for mentor and mentee alike. For a mentor, offering ongoing coaching & training is a significant time commitment on top of a mentor’s full-time role. To compensate for that, we allow mentors to charge a small fee at their discretion. If you choose to work with a mentor who asks for payment, all costs will be disclosed to you up front before you confirm the match.

As part of the registration process we ask that you include a few lines about yourself and your professional profile. Please try to be as detailed and specific as you can – this will help ensure you get the most out of ProCollab. Tell us a little about your background, including education, professional experience and anything else that you find relevant, and describe what you need help with from ProCollab’s network of mentors and trainers.

If you have a LinkedIn account please include the url upon sign up. If you don’t have one, please try to be as detailed as possible about your background and requirements from ProCollab in the bio field upon sign up instead.

ProCollab processes all payments through PayPal.

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