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S Hussein Queen Mary University London
ProCollab connected me to a mentor who conducted a mentoring session with me. During the session i received advice on my CV as well as job applications withing the industry i was interested in. The mentor also spoke to me about what working in the industry was like which was important to me as recent graduate trying to figure out what to do. Following from the session I’ve since kept in touch with my Mentor and i’m pleased to say that I’ve finally landed a Job in an industry i love.
Claire Holloway University of Sussex
  Thank you for all the advice, its amazing you took the time to write it out. It's made an immense difference to my job applications and I've now landed 3 interviews.
James London
Thank you ProCollab. I just completed a Sql server training with my mentor who was nothing short of amazing! I've been trying to learn Sql server for the last few years as it's held me back from going for a better paid analyst role . My mentor was patient with me and he really took the time to help me learn how to write queries on Sql and to understand database and table structures. I managed to pass a Sql interview test with flying colours and i'll be starting my new job shortly. Thank you Sam for giving me the confidence to progress in my career